Hautbois Hall Summer Wedding

Hautbois Hall summer weddings have just had a new benchmark set! Thanks to Hannah and David this wedding delivered WAAAY more fun than I ever expected. Lets start at the beginning though.

I first met Hannah and David at their home in Sheringham in mid March of 2017. I was meeting them after work one evening and as they welcomed me into their home the first thing that struck me was how much they valued photographs. They had wonderful framed prints of their holidays all around their house. The second thing that struck me was how much they’d travelled. They’d been all over the globe making wonderful memories and sharing fantastic experiences together. And there was a countdown calendar to 19th May 2018.

Over an hour and half a cup of tea later, we’d been chatting so much I’d forgotten to finish the tea, we’d struck up a real rapport together. They also really loved the framed print sample I brought along. It came as no surprise then that they booked my package that included a framed print! Wedding albums are beautiful but there’s a lot to be said for having prints of your favourite wedding photos hanging on your walls.

They’d settled on Hautbois Hall for their wedding venue and then set about finding vendors that complemented their wedding plans. As one of the recommended photographers at Hautbois Hall they got my details from Cheryl Beeney the wedding planner. They also settled on Back To Your Place for their catering, Sweet Williams Florist for all their bouquets and flowers and the hugely impressive The Salvation band for their evening entertainment.

I met them again in early April 2018 and we had a lovely catch up over a coffee and beach walk on their local Sheringham beach. It was fantastic to hear all their plans coming together and the huge amount of work and detail they’d put into the day. They were off to play in a week with a hen-do to Marbella and then a Stag to Portugal. Did I mention they like to travel?

Fast forward to 19th May, it’s 9 am and I’m taking my first photos of their Hautbois Hall for the weekend. It’s another beautifully crisp and bright day and I can see the fun factor was way up on their wedding plans. The front lawn is lad out with garden games and the main barn has been impeccably dressed with all their handmade decorations. I drop into the Music cottage for Hannah’s bridal prep and the rest of the day goes by in a blur.

There was Royal Wedding watching, a beautiful card from David that had EVERYONE (me too) in the Music Cottage reaching for tissues, bottles of Prosecco, Pimms, sneaky glances at the FA Cup Final, tales of Marbella (what happened in Marbs stays in Marbs!), a lot of laughing, more Prosecco and the most entertaining evening music and dancing I’ve had yet. The Salvation’s impressive sound and set list kept everyone dancing. There was no let up. It was fantastic.

Here’s a glimpse into their wonderful Hautbois Hall Summer wedding.

Hautbois Hall weddign venue Flowering Wisteria at Hautbois Hall bride and mum at Hautbois Hall bridal party reading the grooms card Summer garden games at Hautbois hall Bridal party drinking Prosecco Table seating plan at Hautbois Hall Beautiful table settings at Hautbois Hall wedding Brosmaids legs Bridal makeup at Hautbois Hall Music Cottage Sweet Williams Florist at Hautbois Hall Bridal party celebrate at Hautbois Hall Groom reads a card from his new bride.bride at hautbois Hall for her wedding Bridesmaid and groomsman at Hautbois Hall summer wedding bride making her entrance at hautbois hall Wedding ceremony at Hautbois Hall Wedding ceremony at Hautbois Hall Wedding drinks at Hautbois Hall Summer garden games at Hautbois Hall Summer garden games at Hautbois Hall Summer garden games at Hautbois Hall Summer garden games at Hautbois Hall Summer garden games at Hautbois Hall

Hautbois hall first dance Hautbois hall first dance Hautbois hall first dancehautbois hall wedding party hautbois hall wedding dancing Dancing at Hautbois Hall Partying at Hautbois Hall The Salvation band at Hautbois hall The Salvation band at Hautbois hall The Salvation band at Hautbois hall


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