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About Me

Weddings are epic, one-off days and it would be a crying shame not to document your wedding with high quality photographs, at the very least.


I’m the youngest of 9 (yes nine!) siblings and I spent the first half of my life living in Kenya surrounded by my huge wonderful family. I grew up riding BMX bicycles, playing squash, bird watching and going on Safari in the bush. It was fantastic! My mum and dad made up photo albums for us all as we were growing up and I’d often go through the 9 albums reliving the childhood of my older brothers and sisters. They were much older than me, so it was also a bit of a history lesson. It was a fantastic way to document all our childhoods and made me realise the value of taking photographs and of making and keeping prints.

Fast forward 21 years and I moved to Norwich to study Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia, UEA. My high school girlfriend and soulmate joined UEA a year later and after we had both graduated and settled in to work life, we got married. 5 years ago we had our first son Kasper and we did a “switcheroo” and after my wife’s maternity leave I took over. It was one of the best decisions ever and I decided to turn my amateur photography hobby into a professional business. 2 years ago our second son, Noah, joined our little family. You might see us out and about with Teal, our incredible Duck Tolling Retriever.

Andrew Kahumbu Norwich Wedding Photographer


Why Weddings?

I started with a friends wedding and it turned out pretty well. They loved the images and have them up all over their home. Another one followed a few months later and it was even better. I was hooked by this point. The storytelling, intimacy, emotion, reunion of friends and family, laughter, tears and dancing had me! I love everything about them!

Iconic Moments

Weddings are a huge milestone in your life. You’ll have planned this for months in advance and assembled your nearest and dearest friends and family from across the globe to come together and celebrate with you. And it is a celebration, full of unscripted iconic moments that I’ll capture for you.

Colour and Creativity

This is something I’m always working on as it’s incredibly important to me. This is why I’m not your regular traditional wedding photographer and your wedding photos will be unique. I won’t line you up for hours on end for hundreds of group shots. I’d love to take you away for a few moments for some awesome portraits but that’s it.

Love and Happiness

You want a beautiful visual record of your wonderful wedding. The one you’ve painstakingly planned and expertly executed. I’ll get out of the way so the love and happiness of the wedding can shine through. I’ll capture that all those real moments for you.


In years to come when you look at your wedding photos I want them to bring you right back to that moment I captured them. So give yourself completely to this day and enjoy it with everything you have. I’ll do the rest.


Andrew Kahumbu - Norwich Wedding Photographer-4
Andrew Kahumbu - Norwich Wedding Photographer-4
Andrew Kahumbu - Norwich Wedding Photographer-4
Andrew Kahumbu Family Photography
Norwich Family Photography - Noah Kahumbu
Norwich Family Photography - Kasper and Noah Kahumbu
Kasper Kahumbu Paddling Pool Fun